My First Skydiving experience

Paragliding – the bird’s-flight view
July 27, 2017

My First Skydiving experience


Everything you want is on the other side of fear!

The 1st of July, 2017, Clinceni Aerodrome, near Bucharest, Romania.

I was about to do the most adventurous thing I had ever done – jump out of an airplane! The jump would be executed with an instructor, so it was completely safe – I would be connected to a harness attached to my tandem instructor. He would guide me through the whole jump from exit through free fall, piloting the parachute, and landing. Sounds simple, right?

It wasn’t!

Thinking about jumping from a plane, experiencing the accelerated free fall from 4000 m to 1500 m, when the parachute opens, is thrilling but scary in the same time. The free fall lasts around 40 – 50 seconds and your speed is about 200 km/h, so in the blink of an eye I would fall hundreds of meters.

I had many emotions leading up to the jump. For weeks after I made my reservation, every night before falling asleep I imagined how it would be. I was a little scared but enthusiastic. The day of the jump, I had a dumb smile on my face, feeling euphoric and happy that I was finally about to have such a thrilling experience!

The fear builds as you take off in the plane, and it climaxes when you are looking out and realizing that you’ve never been at this height in a plane with the door opened. On the edge of the plane, right before the jump, your mind is telling you that in a few seconds you’ll jump and you won’t be able to control your body at all.

Then you jump! There is cold air hitting your face, you can’t feel the weight of your body, but somehow you are not afraid! Your senses are overloaded. There is that view: sky and earth coming together; the super cold air; a kind of deep breathing you’ve never experienced before; a feeling of free fall … And you know it is not simulated, it is 100% real, totally unique – you enjoy every moment of it!

At 1500 m from the ground your instructor pulls the trigger, the parachute opens, and now you take in the view. Finally, the earth becomes sharply focused and you have time to admire it. You still feel the rush after the free fall, but now you control your body and your breathing. You are the one in charge of your senses now.

Afterward, the adrenaline is intense, lasting till the next day. You feel and believe that you’re capable of anything. You don’t feel exhausted, you’re simply energetic and fearless!

I will definitely do it again!


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