Canopy Zip line & Free fall jump in Tropical Forest

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July 27, 2017
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Canopy Zip line & Free fall jump in Tropical Forest

Free fall jump

The canopy tours in tropical forest might seem a little more adventurous than you think!

And it gets even better when it ends with an extreme swing experience!

The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse islands, perfect place for honeymooners, but … its ecotourism is also about Adventure! Canopy Zip line experience is designed for those who love extreme sensations in touch with the nature.

Literally, my knees were shaking after this!

All starts with a 20 minutes security training, preparation of the equipment and the presentation of the zip line route. Our Canopy Adventure consists of sliding on 8 lines with a double steel cable ranging from 90 – 700 meters in length for a total of 2,100 meters. And all of this are above the tropical forest – thrilling, isn’t it?

During the route, from different wooden platforms, you are experiencing the slide in various ways. The most adrenaline filled is the Superman body posture – you are sliding from a platform of 60 m height, in a horizontal position, with both hands stretched alongside the head and your speed is about 60-70 km/h, depends on your weight.

What is the difference between a canopy tour and the usual zip line slide?

Canopy tours are much more complex, making primary use of zip lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees. Most often, canopy tours are designed in wooded and mountainous landscapes. Considering this, Dominican Republic has the perfect environment for making this experience even more colorful! Your every step becomes more exciting in its jungle trails, admiring the tropical flora and fauna in the same time. I recommend with confidence this guys for an extraordinary adventure, I felt very safe with them during my tour.

And … here comes the best part! – Free fall jump from 30 m height

Adrenaline keeps growing as soon as you see the Extreme Tower – the platform of 30 m height! Basically, it’s a bungee jumping platform and you are pushed over the abyss while connected to a large elastic cord. Gravity is the only force acting upon your body and you’re experiencing what Newton called – the free fall. The only difference between swing jump and bungee jumping is that in the first case, your harnesses are attached to the waist and not to your legs.

I must say that I missed the traditional “on 3” counting of the staff member, I only remember the moment when I was pushed over from 30 m height! I started to scream so loud, that I had to cut the sound from the video above :P. I’m not entirely sure if I liked it, but for sure it had a shocking effect on me, because my knees were shaking after having both feet on the ground.

Anyway, it was the highlight of my vacation in Dominican Republic. I am still thinking of bungee jumping, even if I’ve got scared!


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