Scuba Diving – Discovering the Underworld of Cyprus

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Scuba Diving – Discovering the Underworld of Cyprus


Breathing underwater – If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try!

At 10-12 meters depth there is a different world, an underworld of aquatic life, caves and marvelous flora!

Recently the scuba diving experience has been added to my list of adventures and this is because if you live on an island, you must dive at least once in your life! Despite the uncomfortable feeling at the beginning of your diving experience, it worth the effort!

What you’ll see underwater is completely different from what you’ve imagined!

Cape Greco is an area of unspoiled natural beauty that has been declared National Forest Park and conservation area in Cyprus. But what is really exciting in this part of the island, is what is beneath the water –  an underworld of so many interesting sea creatures, caves and tunnels, stunning scenery, reef walls and so much more! During the warm season, the water temperature is about 28ºC and the visibility is reaching to 30-40 m depth!

Before getting to enjoy all this natural treasure, you face some uncomfortable states, as humans are not built to breath underwater. This means that some risks are involved and as any adventure sport, it requires a good medical and physical condition, as well as a proper training!

At the beginning of my diving course and even through my dive in Green Bay, it was really effortful for me to keep buoyancy control, and this caused issues while diving: ear pressure and minor headache.

It may sound frightening, but it should not discourage you to dive! At some point, I stopped thinking about all this painful factors and it faded away. I started to enjoy diving with any meter we advanced in depth and I finally felt comfortable in this “breathtaking” aquatic environment.

  • Green Bay

This is the place in the video where we were feeding fishes. Literally, you’re under attack of hundreds of fishes, they even bite you –  so, the experience is intense and colorful at the same time!

  • The Caves

Cape Greco is popular due to the variety of marine life along the excellent reef wall. In addition, a number of short swim-through tunnels and hidden caves make this diving site the highlight of Cypriot underworld. Even if I watched a lot of videos with divers here, this place exceeded my expectations, everything was much bigger, much colorful, much surprising! It gives you the unique feeling that you are in the aquatic kingdom.

How about you, would you like to take a breath underwater?

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