The 4 Activities You Must Do On a Visit to Cyprus

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September 12, 2017
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The 4 Activities You Must Do On a Visit to Cyprus

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Since the business projects in which I am involved brought me to Cyprus, I had also to acclimatize myself to the life by the sea, which turns to be very joyful and full of “to do” things. Following this, I am happy to present you a guest post article written by the Oasis website, about the top “to do” things on the Mediterranean island.

The island of Cyprus is the third largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its strategic position between Asia, Africa and Europe, various nations have tried to conquer the island throughout history. Today Cyprus is member of the European Union, but the north part of the island is still controlled by the Turkish, although this does not restrict travel between the north and south.

The mix of nations that have influenced it both in history and in modern times contributes to the unique culture of Cyprus and makes this a top Mediterranean destination. Keep reading for some of the best sights and attractions for your next trip to Cyprus.

  1. Aphrodite’s Rock and Brewing Company

Aphrodite, the famed Greek goddess of beauty and sexuality, is said to be seen in silhouette on this picturesque rock just off the southern coast of Cyprus. This area is famed for its crystalline blue waters. And, according to legend, swimmers game to circumnavigate the rock will be blessed with eternal beauty.

After a dip in the sea here, a short trip north along the coast will take you to Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company. This microbrewery and pub is set in a lovingly restored winery, complete with picturesque stone courtyard and stunning countryside views of olive groves and grape vine terraces. Delicious hand-stretched sourdough pizzas can be washed down here with the rich flavors of traditional ‘real ales’. Continental-style lagers or hand-crafted ciders are the perfect way to sate your appetite after swimming in the legendary waters.

  1. Fasouri Water Park

If you are looking for a fun-filled family day out, look no further than Fasouri Water Park. It’s recognized by the locals as the best water park on the island.

Fasouri is located amongst the orange groves of Limassol Province and boasts the biggest wave pool in Europe. Its attractions include slides, rides, and pools to cater for all ages. They’ve also enjoyed accolades like being named ‘Europe’s Leading Water Park Attraction’ in 2007 and more recently the 2016 Travelers’ Choice Award by Trip Advisor. Thanks to the compact size of the park, all attractions are easy to get to, making this a perfect day out for all ages.

  1. Kourion Ruins

If you’d like to take a step back in time, the ancient city of Kourion boasts one of the best locations in all of Cyprus. Formerly a lively trading town, these ruins overlook the dynamic coastline of Episkopi Bay and include excavated baths, a marketplace, and a Greco-Roman theater that has been restored to a quality that enables it to host theatrical and musical performances.

  1. Troodos Mountains

If you want a break from the pristine beaches and clear blue waters of the Cyprian coast, a trip to the Troodos Mountains in the ‘green heart of Cyprus’ is most certainly worth your time. This destination is filled with charming villages and stunningly diverse Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Hiking and biking trails connect the camping sites scattered throughout the mountains, so you can opt for an outdoor adventure when visiting. In winter, the Troodos Mountains offer skiing and snowboarding. When the ranges are covered in blankets of white, they transform the vista from classic Mediterranean wilderness to perfect white peaks that will take your breath away.

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