Photo shoot inspired from Mermaid theme

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Photo shoot inspired from Mermaid theme


Grace in women has more effect than beauty!

Lace, rocks & sea foam – all together pointed us to the Mermaid concept, and that’s how this photo shoot began

Turning your imagination into reality it’s truly refreshing! Having this thought of “what if …” and then putting all pieces together till you get to “what’s now?” is what makes you to dream more. So, from chitchatting with my friend about art photography, we end up in searching creative ideas for our own art photo shoots.

First of all, I have to point out that a personal photo shoot, designed on your imagination, is the best therapy for a woman, even better than shopping. It increases your self esteem, you get a lot of attention as all team is focused on you only and it’s your moment to shine! Of course, the team is very important, you have to feel comfortable and relaxed, in the end you’re doing this for yourself, is not a paid job, so enjoy being your own muse!

Mermaid theme

I have a thing for rocky landscapes in combination with water. This kind of powerful view of waves crashing into rocks, and in Cyprus, thank God, you have from where to choose. Then, to complete the dramatic picture, I was looking for the romantic and mysterious look. Since my theme was close to a fantasy story line, the Mermaid concept came into play. Together with my friend and photographer, we started to work on all needed elements for this puzzle. This was the first part of creating the look, a brainstorming of where to shoot, what we’ll need for that, like an aquarium, ladder, mirror and other stuff like this.

Shooting day

Ingrid, the photographer, she found the perfect place for the photo shoot. At the first view, it looked crazy to go down on steep rocks with all the equipment and to get a cozy atmosphere there, but it worths the effort. Having the mermaid concept in mind, we split the photo shoot in 2 parts: the romantic look on heavy rocks, and the wet & mysterious look in the water (which was truly unpleasant – to stay still while the waves are hitting you). All this “mermaid” experience had a lot of moments to remember and to laugh on, even if the final pictures show the serious and dramatic part of it :).

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