July 18, 2016
July 18, 2016
Corfu is part of Ionian islands, being known for its blue water caves and beautiful lagoons. There are a lot of day time cruises to those impressing caves, where you can stop and admire the nature’s work. Those caves are very large and deep and it’s been said that they were created by Ancient Greek Gods. You will hear a lot of legends and ancient stories about everything on the island, I believe that this contribute in making Corfu one of the top destinations in Greece.
The Corfu island is much closer to Albania than to continental greek territory, so you can also make a one day trip to Albania by taking a fast boat. All you need is a passport and stay close to your tour guide. In Albania you can visit the National Reservation Park which is in UNESCO patrimony and see the turquoise lagoons, which are spectacular indeed. The pictures speak for themselves.