July 19, 2016
July 18, 2016


Big and very crowded city! Lot of skyscrapers, tuk-tuks running all over the streets, SPA boutiques and the trademark of Bangkok – luxury sky bars which are famous for breathtaking view and for the scenes of blockbusters shooted here. I stayed in Bangkok for 4 days, visited Buddha Temples,Wat Pho Temple, Wat Arun Temple, Royal Grand Palace and I must say that thai people have a huge respect for their religion. I’ve been truly impressed by the way they express their spiritual beliefs, love and commitment for Buddha’s life.

Phuket Island

It’s a stop in paradise! Is an island in Indian Ocean which impress by its geographical position, where blue waters meets smarald waters. White sand beaches, frangipani flowers, palms and delicious cocktails – it’s a dream! Here, snorkeling is a must, as you can swim near by colorful fishes, sea urchins and corals especially near Phi Phi Islands. Canoeing into caves and mangroves and seeing white monkeys which steal your food was another funny attraction during my holiday. Well, you can see in those pictures that Thailand is definitely a place to go!