In today’s competitive market, reputation can be your biggest asset!Is that thing that makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you a competitive edge.

PResenting Portfolio

I love every project I worked on and I do my best to grow it from a concept to a finite product!
I believe that the success of it depends on your ability to learn and to translate that learning quickly into action.
Basically, you start from scratch and learn as you go.


Sketching | Building | Promoting


RedCarpet.app is the project that I will simply describe as a Dream came true! I have never been so proud and happy about any project that I've done so far.

The app that is meant to blend seamlessly the online and offline world into a wonderful and complete social experience! RedCarpet.app offers the unique environment where you can express your personal style with confidence, meet new people, share your outfit, shop your favourite fashion brands and ultimately, shine! Get ready to enjoy a little well-deserved admiration!

Adrian Mazilu

ORM compaign


Being part of Adrian Mazilu staff, I am responsible for his core image, making sure that his vision is correctly understood and spread it through the media.

I also build business events and social communication strategies, being the voice of the brand in print, TV and online.

Sales Point Agency

Brand Awareness Campaign

PR Manager

To be recognizable on the market, brands need to take extra steps to keep customers interested. That’s because people are always looking for the best company that fulfills their needs.

And their most important need, yet the one they’re not always aware of, is the emotional need. Customers will keep buying from you if they’re connected to your brand emotionally. This is where brand awareness comes into play.