• Chamonix, French Alps

    The view over the most symbolic mountain peak in Europe, the Mont Blanc is the number one reason why you should thinking to visit Alps. Generally considered to be the border between two countries, France and Italy, we've chosen the French Alps for its well known commune - Chamonix. Beautiful landscapes, ski resorts, SPA facilities, will make your winter holidays look like a fairytale.
  • Cappadocia

    Famous for its unique rock formations and amazing hot air ballooning sky, the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia are one of Turkey’s most popular natural wonders. The relief of the area was formed by volcanic erosion, where the thick ash solidified into a soft rock. Since ancient times, locals have built shelters and underground cities inside the rocks, and all of this sites can be visited in our days.
  • Singapore & Bali

    The Southeast Asia has all the ingredients to make your experience unique and unforgettable! Big economic contrasts between areas, rich culture, exotic nature, in one word - diversity. And as European tourist, all this things trigger your senses and drives you out of your rutine. This trip was a prominent contrast between 2 different worlds!
  • Dominican Republic

    Caribbean Islands are simply a fairytale! A 9 hours flight over the Atlantic Ocean plus airport stopovers and the time zone change - it worth doing all these efforts for seeing a real Heaven on earth. Punta Cana is the pearl of Dominican Republic - the land where Christopher Columbus had first landed when he discovered the American continent.
  • Thailand

    It was my first trip to Asia, so I was expecting to be impressed by everything. Indeed, Thailand became literally a dream to me! Not only for its exotic seasides and colorful waters, but also for its culture, architecture and religion.
  • Tenerife

    One of my favourite holidays was in Tenerife, a Spanish island which is closer to African land than to European. Canary Islands are situated in Atlantic Ocean, which means that you are surrounded by intense blue waters, enjoying both, white sand beaches and also black rocks beaches.
  • Rome

    To me, Rome is the most beautiful city where I have ever been. There is no exaggeration in saying that each brick has a story to tell. I love everything about it - Italian culture and history, architecture, fashion industry, cuisine and language … what’s left to say?
  • Madrid

    The purpose of this city-break was the Quarters of UEFA Champions League, but we also managed to check the highlights of the city. I find Madrid very similar to Bucharest due to its architecture and its people which are always in a rush.
  • Amsterdam

    Is one of the greatest small cities in the world, a city of tolerance and diversity. It has all the advantages of an European capital: rich culture, lively nightlife, international restaurants and of course, the coffee shops where cannabis is allowed.
  • Belgium

    I am visiting Bruxelles at least once a year, so I have experienced Belgium in all four seasons. Definitely, the beauty of Bruges is better seen in summer, while Bruxelles and other cities are best to visit in late spring. My favorite thing here is Belgian chocolate which it’s simply delicious!
  • Corfu

    Greece is a great destination if you are looking for a leisure trip, or I would rather say a lazy trip. It is a place where you can totally relax and forget for awhile about noisy city life. Even though, Corfu island is a stop for many luxury yachts, being attracted by beautiful landscapes and clear waters.
  • Luxemburg

    Luxembourg City actually shares the title of Capital of Europe with just Brussels and Strasbourg, as these three cities host most of the European Union administrative and political offices. The benefit of visiting a small country is that you can cover all tourist attractions in a very short time. My city break in Luxemburg lasted 8 hours and I have spent a great time here!